ONEPIECE COSPLAY KING GRANDPRIX finalist interview vol. 1

The finalists of ONE PIECE Cosplay King Grand Prix, that will be held on August 3, have been decided in July!
Please have a look at the interviews of the 20 people who were chosen from all over the world.
Let’s enjoy the event to the most and learn more about the finalists!


▼ Please tell us which is the point you care the most in the making of the costume or the posing of the ONE PIECE character with which you are taking part this time.
For the costume making, as my costume is from the Amazon Lily arc I have hesitated with the fabrics. After a lot of questioning, I finally opted for light suede garments that resemble the ones used by Margerite and the others in a tribal clothing style. Although the design of their costumes is very feminine, it is also fierce and elegant! I used this fluttering feeling as a concept basis when I constructed my pattern. I also have a liking for the way the hairs on the material change depending on the angles, changing the whole perception of the outfit.
For the trousers, I bleached jeans once and dyed them again the color I wanted. The good thing with jeans is that your own texture comes out when put on, and when they get dirty or sore it feels just like it’s living the same adventures as you, and changes to become unique!

▼ Please tell us your feelings about the ONE PIECE characters you like so much
I love Luffy so much that it almost hurts! I also love his sworn “brothers” Ace and Sabo! And the big fuss that are the crew fellows!! I love the charm and the personality of the rivals as well! I had never seen such an universe before this series.
Although I have already said it… now is the appropriate time! Luffy is just so cool, he can’t help it! He is so strong and considerate to his friends! I have the feeling that I can overcome any difficulty if I am with a such a strong-hearted character as him! To sum up, I love Luffy so much that it is almost painful. I am so happy that I have crossed paths with ONE PIECE.


▼ Please tell us which is the point you care the most in the making of the costume or the posing of the ONE PIECE character with which you are taking part this time.
Zoro is a very important part of the crew and has power in his stature, I love to look as accurate to the original character design as possible. This comes from both costume and pose. For me with Zoro the differing sword poses are the most recognisable and as such I study them once the costume is complete and practice the poses at home. Coupled with an accurate costume the results are excellent.

▼ Please tell us your feelings about the ONE PIECE characters you like so much
I like all One Piece characters. They have a place within the story and are vessels to tell that story via. Zoro’s loyalty and strength of character are traits that every person should have. The likes of Sanji, Brook and Chopper bring awesome power alongside comedy and Blackbeard is a superb antagonist. All these characters come together in a rich and engaging world to tell an ongoing and engaging story that manages to improve all the time.

NAMI / Miho Shizue

▼ Please tell us which is the point you care the most in the making of the costume or the posing of the ONE PIECE character with which you are taking part this time.
“At the beginning, my priorities was to do all my cosplay handmade, and for this one the
point I care the most is the trousers, because the most difficult. But in reality, the final
result that counts, not just a part of the costume. So the most important for me, are : details.
to look like as much as possible to the character respecting all the details ! the reason
why I choose all the materials and colors with high accuracy ! Same for the shape : for example
the size and colors of Nami’s tatoo in her arm, or the top in her 2YL version : a triangle
swimsuit not a bra or other ! And big breast is a part of her, I think important, so I padded
my swimsuit for more accurate and this a game changer for everyone. Every obstacle can be
confronted in costume thanks to sewing, craft, make up, hairstyle…. Every part of these steps is
important if I want to transform myself in my favorites characters. No matter the costume, easy
or not, details make the difference.
To finish, the role play is very important too, I can’t be shy when I embody Nami, she is a
beauty and she knows it, she trusting herself, she’s smart, cute, and sometimes diabolic !
important to know the character, his past, his attacks, just his way of being, in order to play the
role, posing, and to look as much like him/her as possible on photos !”

▼ Please tell us your feelings about the ONE PIECE characters you like so much
– Nami : Ok she is clever, beautiful, sexy etc everybody knows it, but she also makes me laugh
so hard when she acts like a real coward, it’s so funny ! Haha ! And in the same time she can be
IT HER SERVANT !!!! WHAT MOREEEEE ???? She is diabolic ! I like this too ! Haha ! She is also
the only one who can strike Luffy, Zorro and Sanji at the same time ! Haha ! I like when she
strikes Brook each time he wants to see the panties of a girl too! Yohohohoho ! And behind
this, she hides a terrible past, I cried so much for Bellmere, and she is so strong, she tried alone
to protect her village from Arlong sacrificing her own liberty and stealing dangerous pirate. She
had a big weight on her shoulders, but at the end she understands that she can’t do all by
herself, and accepted the fact that she needed help. Hopefully Luffy was here. It’s a beautiful
story and life lesson. Now she’s a strong women, more than she thinks and I’d like to see her
fight more often !
– Zorro : I must confess that I was in love with Zorro when I was young ! Haha! He is the perfect
men, and… his hair are pastel green !!!!!! I love this color so much! Haha! More seriously, I
really like Zorro because, he is very strong, and cool, but he has a really sad past too, and
before meeting Luffy he was obsessed to honor his promise to Kuina. Now, even if he doesn’t
show his real feelings, we know he is happy with the crew, his new family, he has a new reason
to live and I know he will honor his promise ! It’s so attaching ! Then his fights are my favorites !
Also, he makes me laugh very hard because he’s always LOST but never stressed ! And he
doesn’t talk much but always here when it’s necessary.
– Chopper : Nami is my favorite female character BUT Chopper is my favorite character of One
Piece ! First, Deers are my favorite animals. Second… “OH MY GOD HE IS SO CUTE !!” was my
first words when I saw him. This way to hide on the wrong side : HOW IT’S POSSIBLE ???? So
funny ! As much as when he’s dancing and insulting people who compliments him ! This part of
his nature is too attaching, I love him so much ! And more, can we talk about all his forms ? I
mean MONSTER POINT IS SO BADAAAAAAAAAAASS ! And the fact he didn’t control it at the
beginning, but used it anyway to help Mugiwara no ichimi against the CP9 is a very difficult
decision, I was very scared for him, he really has a big heart. I also adore his King Fu Point form
with his “WATAAA WAYYAAA” Hahahaha! And Walk Point & Horns point are perfect too for me
who love this animal so much ! Anyway, I love all his forms, and like Nami he is a really funny
coward, but he is strong too, and he is a doctor… A DEER AS A DOCTOR… WITH BLUE NOSE… I
mean… WHAT MORE ? Hahaha ! But the real reasons I love him so much is for his past too, it’s
the scene for which I cried the most, when he bring the wrong mushroom to Hiluluk to heal
him, he goes through many dangers to try to save him, and he thinks he succeeded, but it was
the wrong mushroom, a poisonous one… and Hiluluk ate it anyway because he knew nothing
could save him anyway … When Chopper discovered the truth he feels so guilty… It moved me a
lot and I’ve really grown attached to him since I discovered his past.

I really like all the characters of the Crew but this 3 ones are my favorites. Shorter :
I like the childhood side of Luffy with the contrast when he is angry and ready to fight
for real.
I really like the humor of Franky & Brook they are so funny and… a skeleton & a cyborg ?
I really need to argument more ?!! Hahaha !
Robin is such an intelligent beauty, she is intriguing and her humor is… disconcerting !
Haha ! I love her so much too, and she make me cry so hard at the CP9 arc when she says : “I
want to live” *cry again* .
Sanji the lover, is so funny and badass and, his past was already sad, but now we know
all about the GERMA 66, I love him even more !
And Ussop the first coward of the team is so hilarious ! Behind all his lies he is the most
sweet guy of the crew, and he makes me cry so much at Alabasta TT__TT ! Then his hidden
power about his lies coming true is so interesting, I hope we will learn more about!
One of my other favorite character is :
– Trafalgar D Law : He is my new crush after Zorro ! <3 A very strong & dark man with a sad past too :'( His power is so cool and his tattoo too *^* And I am so in love with his voice in the anime, Hiroshi Kamiya is perfect for this character ! The first time we saw it again on Punk Hazard I was like "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTT !? I WANT TO KNOW MORE ON HIM" Hahaha. And I love many others, for different reasons, heroes and vilains, like: Vivi, Crocodile, Miss doublefinger, Connis, Eneru, Kalifa, Kaku, Cindry, Perrona, Hancock, Sabo, Ace, Mihawk, Marco , Sadi, Bon Clay, Ivankov, Shiraoshi, Rebecca, Whitey Bay, Carott, Baby 5, Hina, Monet, Reiu, Katakuri, Nekomamushi… I could talk forever but I think I wrote too much already ! Haha !

USOPP / Don Lawless

▼ Please tell us which is the point you care the most in the making of the costume or the posing of the ONE PIECE character with which you are taking part this time.
The most thing I care about when working on the costume is the quality of the material. I
also love using basic material to make it look as realistic as possible.

▼ Please tell us your feelings about the ONE PIECE characters you like so much
My two most favorite characters are Mihawk and Smoker.
– I’m a huge fan of vampires and Mihawk is mostly influenced by Dracula and his sword
play is unrivalled. I would have hated him if he kill Zoro though.
– Even though I’m not a smoker myself, Smoker’s resolve as a Marine is impressive he is
one of the few uncorrupted law people and him disapproving to the system earn my respect
even though he has the attitude of a pirate haha.

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