The 2nd issue is explanation on Mexico representative’s costume. Excellent selection of materials! More information on design from figures!

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Introducing interesting points of making costumes in different countries in “World Cosplay Summit 2017”, a special series plan unique to Cosplayers.Global. The previous first issue, we introduced Netherlands representative’s Lindow Amamiya & Livie Collete (GOD EATER2 RAGE BURST). How was that characteristic gigantic weapon. Please visit there too! So this 2nd issue we will be changing the plans a bit

Former Japan representative explains WCS2017! The first issue is Netherlands ‘GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST’

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‘World Cosplay Summit 2017’ was held this summer. Surely there was many people who was amazed by the wonderful costumes from each countries. So to enjoy more of participating team’s cosplay, we are having the ‘World Cosplay Summit 2016’ Japan representative sky★Re to explain the making of the costumes and highlights as a series over several posts. And the first