WCS2017 China representative interview

What are the thoughts of the world’s top cosplayers about cosplay…?
We asked the WCS2017 representatives of each country on why they’ve started cosplay and about their commitments for costume making and performance.
This time, we have two China representative cosplayers who won the championship in WCS2007.

▼Cos name, and please briefly introduce yourself.

Xu Xue: Hello. I’m Xu Xue from the Chine team of the WCS2017.  I have cosplayed for 6 years. I have done cosplays for about 20 characters.  Most of them were characters of sports animes.

TenTen: Hello everyone, I am TenTen.  I have attended the WCS2017 as  one of the representatives of the Chine team.

▼Please tell us why you’ve started cosplay. Also, what was the first character you cosplayed?

Xu Xue:  I liked animes and games when I was a kid.  I met cosplay when I was a university student, and my pal took me to a party where I met someone doing cosplay, and she asked me if I wanted to do it together.  Then, I enjoyed it and started to do cosplay.  My first cosplay was Sasuke Uchida from “NARUTO”.

TenTen:  For me, my friend forced me to join the cosplay club when I was a university student, and then I started to do the real cosplay.  My first cosplay character was Leifang from “DEAD OR ALIVE”.

▼What are the most impressive things you have learned or influenced while cosplaying?

Xu Xue: For the 6 years I have done cosplay, I met a lot of people and pals.  I have learned a lot of skills somehow.  The biggest change for me was that I could have my presence of mind, I guess.  The most impressive moment was my first stage.  I was too young to know anything and I now can laugh at myself because my performance was shit.

TenTen: It is fairly common to see cosplays for play on Chinese stages in China, and I think it is the exact hobby for those who like both plays on stage and cosplay.  I believe all the skills I learnt from cosplay will be useful in the future.  The most impressive part? I think it was when I created Yokushu’s costumes in a week 🙂

▼Please briefly introduce your costume and performance at WCS2017.

The characters were Yokushu and Saya from the “BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE”.  The contents of our performance were in the book and it was the scene that Saya beat Yokushu in a battle.

▼Why did you chose to cosplay that character for WCS2017?

Xu Xue: This movie is the masterpiece that remains in the anime history, and I personally really like this work.  Also, the other reason is the difference in height between our team.  The height of the characters in the production is just the same as us.

TenTen: When we were choosing the material, I thought we needed to think that we could make the most of its popularity and our performances.  In that sense. “BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE” is the first full digital animation and has the great influences on the animation industry.  I like the form of Yokushu and the setting of the girl Saya; and above all, we could have the battle scene.  We thought thoroughly and chose the material.

▼Please tell us the points you want us to see especially in this cosplay.

Xu Xue: I think we have done all the best in all the aspects; and especially, the finish of the helmet and the workmanship of the sword which turns red.  We needed to create the helmet fitting the shape of my head, and I had to make the model by directly covering my head.  I sat down still and my head covered for 3 hours, and it was tough.  We planned to use LED for the change of the sword from the beginning, but I had an inspiration from the trick of a magic I saw on TV one day and created it as it is now with the same mechanism.

TenTen: For me, I also did all the best for all the aspects.  It was the stage lasting for only 150 seconds, but we put all the characteristics mixed in it to make one production.  If I have to mention one point, it would be our mental attitude.

▼Please tell us your impression on other country’s representative’s cosplay and performance.

I think we all could get to know each other.  We all are not good at English and we could not communicate in words, but we had eye contacts and knew each other from expressions.  We all were surprised to see the accuracy of the tools and costumes that many representatives from other countries created.  Especially, France and Mexico teams were amazing.

Please tell me what you would like to do and your dream through cosplaying in the future.

Xu Xue: I want to be an actor in a real stage play and play the character I like!

TenTen: I want to be a part of the professional scene and express the characters and stories I like by myself.

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