Cosplayer interview : Hana Yuki

The editorial department asked how the cosplayers around the world came to know about cosplay and how are they enjoying cosplay to cosplayers who are under the spotlight.
This time we have Hana Yuki who is from Myanmar and has always been in the high ranked in the Cosplayers.Global Cup.

●Hana Yuki

▼Your cosplay name, and a brief self-introduction

Hajimemashite~! My name is Hana Yuki. I’m from Myanmar, the country which is known as Golden Land. It has been five years since cosplay became popular in Myanmar and I started cosplaying in December 2012.

▼Please tell me your catalyst to start cosplay. Also as which character did you cosplay for the first time?

I watched anime since I was young. Since that time, I wished to be like anime girls. When I heard that there would be a cosplay event in Myanmar, my dream came true. At that event, I cosplayed as Amane Misa from Death Note.

▼What is the most impressive thing which you have learned or have been affected by while cosplaying?

After I became a cosplayer, I have got so much knowledge such as sewing costumes, making crafts, how to act like characters and cosplay photography. Thanks to cosplay, I also have got many friends.
My role model in cosplay is ATO from South Korea.
My most favorite characters that I cosplay frequently are Saber from Fate/stay Night and Minami Kotori from LoveLive! School idol project.

It has been almost five years since I started cosplay. I was chosen as a representative cosplayer from Myanmar and was invited to be a judge cosplayer at “Cool & Kawaii Japan Comic Party in Vientiane” hosted by Japan Embassy in 2014.
I won many prizes at cosplay events held in Myanmar and also worked with photographers in other countries frequently.

▼How do you usually decide the character you would cosplay as?

Whenever I watch an anime series, movie or I play games, if I find a character I like, I study about him or her and try to cosplay that character.

▼What points do you especially focus on your costumes, and posing?

I focus on the fabric and the raw materials to be used on costumes. Before I cosplay a character, I always study about that character; the way how he or she acts, his or her atmosphere and his or her way of speaking so that I can be like that character.

▼Please tell me what you would like to do and your dream through cosplaying in the future.

I want to travel around the world to cosplay (both for events and for photo shoot) and I hope to cosplay all the characters I like in the future. I also want to help out my fellow Burmese cosplayers as much as I can and want to share about my experiences with them.

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