Interview: “WCS Photo Championship 2018”Champion

What does the world top cosplayers think about cosplay…?
We asked the champion of WCS Online Contest that has just started in 2018 on how they’ve started cosplay and how are they enjoying cosplay.
In this issue we have the champion of “WCS Photo Championship 2018”, Eliot from Mexico.

– Cosplay name, A brief self-introduction

I am Eliot. I started cosplaying in 2009 after a few years of attending conventions and being fan of taking photos with “dressed-up people” like Anime characters there. Since I started doing Cosplay, making my own costumes, participating in Cosplay Masquerades/Contests and doing Cosplay photoshoots by myself are things that I enjoy a lot, but to travel to different conventions between Mexico and United States and meeting new people there, is what I enjoy the most.

– Please briefly introduce your work for the photo contest. And why did you decide to cosplay as that character for the contest?

I really enjoyed YURI!!! ON ICE series, and I liked the main characters a lot. This made me want to portray those characters in their most iconic ice skating costumes, and to have some photos modeling them, but recreating a little of the series storyline also. The photo for the contest was one of complete photoshoots I made with my friend Ferny as my photographer; we traveled to an ice arena a little far from our city and she helped me to create something the most accurate possible for the character, including costume, make up, stage, and of course the pose.

– Please let me know the impression of the awards ceremony.

I was a little overwhelmed by the good reception from the attendants, but I was also very proud of having the opportunity to showcase one of my favorite works on which I consider the most wonderful Cosplay stage. Having the recognition and validation from World Cosplay Summit towards my cosplay work really was a big achievement and a great honor for me.

– Please let me know the impressive cosplay and performance of the representatives of WCS2018.

Being part of World Cosplay Summit has always been one of my goals in the Cosplay world. Having the opportunity to see a great variety of costumes and performances from cosplayers from all over the world, and to judge and witness such amount of talent, it really was a once in a lifetime experience. I was crying with emotion all the time.

– Please tell me your catalyst to start cosplay. Also, as which character did you cosplay for the first time?

When I started to attend Anime conventions in my city, I saw a few people dressed up like characters from Anime and video games, and that caught my attention. A few years later I wanted to try to dress up for the next convention, but I wanted to try it in company of a friend. The next convention, we attended cosplaying Naruto and Sasuke from the very popular series. I cosplayed Naruto. It was an out of the world experience for me; since then I have not stopped to Cosplay. I think because all the good experiences and memories I have created doing this, it is my favorite thing to do. I have been doing Cosplay for 9 years now.

– Please tell me what you would like to do and your dream through cosplaying in the future.

I would like to still able to travel the world showcasing my work as Cosplayer, share my knowledge and passion in this wonderful hobby, make good friends, still creating new costumes, learning new things, materialize new ideas, always have a great time having the best of the experiences, and maybe one day to come back to Japan, but as a World Cosplay Summit representative of my country!

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