Interview : ”WCS Video Championship 2018” Champion

What does the world top cosplayers think about cosplay…?
We asked the champion of WCS Online Contest that has just started in 2018 on how they’ve started cosplay and how are they enjoying cosplay.
In this issue we have the champion of ”WCS Video Championship 2018” yuyi’s cosplay.

– Cosplay name, A brief self-introduction

My cosplay name is Yuyi’s cosplays and I began to cosplay only in June 2017. I live in Belgium but I’m from France and I’m 29 years old.

– Please briefly introduce your work for the video contest. And why did you decide to cosplay as that character for the contest?

My fiancé and I decided to make a special video for the Cosplayers global video contest. We wanted to introduce the character of 2B like it’s introduced to the players in the game Nier Automata. For a 15sec video, we filmed 3 hours, but we are really proud of the result. We decided to film 2B because Yoko Taro was in the jury of the contest and we wanted to show him our work and our love of his game. It’s a character and a game we really like a lot.

– Please let me know the impression of the awards ceremony.

I was really glad and really impressed to participate in the awards ceremony. It was a great opportunity and even if I was a little bit anxious, because I’m a young cosplayer and I’m not familiar with this kind of event, I was also happy and excited. And the prize is so beautiful, I didn’t expect to have one.

– Please let me know the impressive cosplay and performance of the representatives of WCS2018.

The final of the WCS2018 was amazing. All the contestants did a really great job on stage. Some of them made me cry (team Brazil for example), some of them made me laugh (team Australia), and some of them just blow my mind like the winners, team Mexico, of course. The costume was gorgeous and the performances really well done. I loved it.

– Please tell me your catalyst to start cosplay. Also, as which character did you cosplay for the first time?

I wanted to start cosplay since a long time, but I coudn’t choose a character and I was afraid I would be too shy to do it. And then, I played Nier Automata and I fell in love with the game and the character of 2B and I decided it was time to start cosplay. So 2B was my very first costume, and that’s why I was really happy to win the contest with this first costume.

– Please tell me what you would like to do and your dream through cosplaying in the future.

I have so many dreams in cosplay. I want to learn a lot of technics to make costumes, armors and props. I want to do costumes that offer me the chance to do funny performances, or dancing acts like a costume of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I just want to have fun, and I want to meet a lot of cosplayers from all around the world like I did during the WCS2018. Because cosplay is a passion that brings us all together, no matter where we come from and that’s why I love cosplay.

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