WCS2017 Russia representative interview :Jerry Duck

What are the thoughts of the world’s top cosplayers about cosplay…?
We asked the WCS2017 representatives of each country on why they’ve started cosplay and about their commitments for costume making and performance.
This time, it’s Jerry Duck from Russia representative.

●Jerry Duck

▼Cos name, and please briefly introduce yourself.

I’m Jerry Duck. Started cosplay from 2010, and now I have cosplayed about 65 characters so far.

▼Please tell us why you’ve started cosplay. Also, what was the first character you cosplayed?

Honestly, I was bored and hated to just idle at home.
One day, my friend brought be to a event where there was many anime lovers and cosplayers. At that place someone asked “Anyone interested in participating in a short play in cosplay?” and “I want to participate!” slid my mouth. Looking back about it now, sometimes I think that the answer might be wrong…
The first character I cosplayed was Allen Walker from “D.Gray-man”. 3 months after that, I joined a cosplay competition for the first time for fans of that title.

▼What are the most impressive things you have learned or influenced while cosplaying?

Around 2010, I didn’t know anything on how to use or hold a sewing needle. When I was schooling there was a class in home economics to sew a east skirt for 3 weeks and i wasn’t able to finish it, but now I’m happy that I can make a helmet and swords in 3 days.

▼Please briefly introduce your costume and performance at WCS2017.

What we wanted to do is a performance that makes person seeing it feel cheerful. So far in participating in various cosplay tournaments, I found out that there were very few fun comedic plays. I decided that we are the ones who have to do after thinking why no one would do a humorous play. This is how our play was born.
My most difficult costume was the chain armor. It was a hard making it and took us a lot of time, but I am proud that I made it well. But remembering how hard it was, I do not want to make it again.

▼Why did you chose to cosplay that character for WCS2017?

The reason why I cosplayed Link is because I’m a big fan of “The legend of Zelda” game series.A very big fan. I cosplayed 6 times for the fans. There’s many Zelda posters in my room. What do you think is on my console I bought just for “The legend of Zelda”? 3 Link figurines. There’s a pincushion in a shape of a character in legend of Zelda, there’s a legend of Zelda bag pack, also, the pants I’m wearing now is legend of Zelda’s design!(We’re not sure about the pants)
There’s no regret choosing this character!

▼Please tell us the points you want us to see especially in this cosplay.

Regarding on performance, I think my voice is a point. When I get into character and got angry or cried out with a loud voice on stage, it took me about 5 years not to lose my voice the next day, I’m satisfied with the results.

▼Please tell us your impression on other country’s representative’s cosplay and performance.

I liked many performance such as team from France, Germany, Indonesia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Australia, Brazil.
They were very nice people and I would like to meet them again. Although there wasn’t much new discoveries in their cosplay costumes but I was moved by their performance.It was full of emotion and made me get goose bumps.
Even if it is a fan made of bamboo and paper, or a play that is 2.5 minutes, or whatever, it’s pleasing to see the people’s efforts with all their energy result in.

▼Please tell us the impression of looking back on participating WCS2017

This 2 weeks was wonderful. Even now, I am overwhelmed that I cant think of words to express my thoughts easily.But surely this wonderful trip will be a good memory and I think I will remember it from time to time.

▼Please tell us what you would like to do in the future and dreams through cosplay.

I watched a video of the performance at WCS afterwards and I was concerned that I was like a lethargic potato on the stage. Ether because of the heavy chain liner we drooped down by weight, or I might be a really lethargic potato, but I’d like to improve that from now on.

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