WCS2017 Russia representative interview :Kris Kuz

What are the thoughts of the world’s top cosplayers about cosplay…?
We asked the WCS2017 representatives of each country on why they’ve started cosplay and about their commitments for costume making and performance.
This time, it’s Kris Kuz from Russia representative.

●Kris Kuz

▼Cos name, and please briefly introduce yourself.

I’m Kris Kuz. I got devoted in cosplay from 2009, since then I’m living around cosplay. After that hobby became work. When there’s free time, I read various books and play video games. In my cos activity I prefer cosplay performance on stage event than to photo shoots.

▼Please tell us why you’ve started cosplay. Also, what was the first character you cosplayed?

I participated in a anime party in 2009 and met cosplayers for the first time and their flashyness left me a very strong impression. And after that I thought “I can do it too!”, and then regardless of my zero sewing skills I started making my first costume. Should have chosen something cute for my first costume but I chose Roper from “Tower of Druaga”

▼What are the most impressive things you have learned or influenced while cosplaying?

The most impressive thing for me is that the realization of no matter how clumsy you are, you can succeed if you make efforts. Speaking from my experience, I think the most important point in cosplay is to use your head.(not meaning wearing wigs but to think.)
Thanks to a special hobby called cosplay I have achieved many skills at a very wide range, so many that I can’t count. Among those I have learned, there’s using a natural / synthetic material to make costumes, weapons, props, etc, and smiling for 8 hours without break until my muscle hurts.
At first there wasn’t  anyone I set as goal. I believe that if I want to succeed, I will improve and grow by competing with myself (in past), and not others. As for success, the Australian professional wrestler Ladybeard will be a good reference. He doesn’t mind what others says about him, and continues his purpose with a firm will, and succeeds.

▼Please briefly introduce your costume and performance at WCS2017.

The protagonist in our play is a literal adorable Pink Princess and an aged hero. Link adores to be a savior, a winner while Princess Peach wants to be loved. Because their objective doesn’t match, it became a comical but troubling situation. Princess Peach wants a boyfriend, but what Link wants to do is to go home early. The concept is that of course you cant get everything you want in your life, but it is important know it and keep trying hard.

▼Why did you chose to cosplay that character for WCS2017?

Considering various conditions, these were the only two among all the characters that meets the concept of our performance.

▼Please tell us the points you want us to see especially in this cosplay.

Most of my costumes are very uncomfortable and painful, but it fits perfectly with my body so it looks beautiful. For this if I have to choose between the appearance and comfort of the costume, I will endure the comfortableness. In performance I think that my specialty is my facial expressions.

▼Please tell us your impression on other country’s representative’s cosplay and performance.

I always watched the Myanmar team performance. Because they were cute.
I got to interact with most of English-speaking team members, but there was a limitation on the content spoken in WCS and I could not learn new things in particular. However, the Spanish team taught me how to make a cocktail mixed with vodka and tequila.

▼Please tell us the impression of looking back on participating WCS2017.

The World Cosplay Summit schedule is quite busy, but it’s a event where there are lots of fun things interaction with interesting people. During the summit, I got used to sleeping in whatever the costume, whatever the posture, wherever was and speaking with people who are talking at the same time with different pronunciations. It is an unforgettable experience.

▼Please tell us what you would like to do in the future and dreams through cosplay.

In the future I would like to be able to craft natural leather as a material. Other then that, I want to minimize what I don’t want to do in my life.

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