WCS2017 Vietnam representative interview : Reina

What are the thoughts of the world’s top cosplayers about cosplay…?
We asked the WCS2017 representatives of each country on why they’ve started cosplay and about their commitments for costume making and performance.
This time, it’s Reina from Vietnam representative.


▼Cos name, and please briefly introduce yourself.

I’m Reina – a Vietnamese female cosplayer and also the representative of Vietnam at WCS 2017. I have been cosplaying for about 10 years. Currently, I’m living and working in Ha Noi .

▼Please tell us why you’ve started cosplay. Also, what was the first character you cosplayed?

My first character was “Chobits”. At that time, I went to the festivals and cosplay events to see how manga characters look like in the real life and amazing about so beautiful costumes so beautiful . And then , I started make my costume by myself

▼What are the most impressive things you have learned or influenced while cosplaying?

I have learned different things such as sewing, making props, photography, using photoshop softwares and make-up skills.

▼Please briefly introduce your costume and performance at WCS2017.

Our costumes were from ”Ouke no Monshou” (“Crest of the Royal Family”) – a shoujo manga which has been serialized in the monthly magazine Princess since 1976. The story is about an American girl named Carol from a wealthy family with an interest in Egyptology and studying in Cairo. She accidentally travelled to the past and fall in love with the young pharaoh Memphis. This angers Memphis’s half-sister, the Priestess Isis, who has longed to marry him.
We chose this project to participate in WCS because we really liked this manga since it hads attached with my childhood for such a long time. Moreover, we can feel the chemistry between both characters if we chose Isis and Carol because it fits our appearances so well. On the other hand, I have a really strong passion for Egyptian culture, thus it givesing me no difficulty in preparing the scripts for my performance at WCS.

▼Why did you chose to cosplay that character for WCS2017?

We can easily feel the chemistry between both characters if we chose Isis and Carol because it fits our appearances so well. Furthermore, our characteristics are also similar with the real characteristics of the characters.

▼Please tell us the points you want us to see especially in this cosplay.

There are some important points that I really want the judgements to look at, such as the details of our costume. With every single tiny beads, we need to stick it to the costume by hand, which is very time-consuming. Not to mention about all the accessorises. For the performance, since we had 3 times to changeing clothes, so we hadve to practice lots of time to make sure nothing would gogoes wrong.

▼Please tell us your impression on other country’s representative’s cosplay and performance.

One of the representative from other country that I was really impressed wasis the team Hong Kong. They wereare really friendly, and they helped us a lot even though they also had their own difficulty. Moreover, we learned something from them like how to build a good backdrop, how to make it changing flexible and how to make good armor. One more team that we were also interested in wasis the team China. Their performance was awesome and the best, and nothing can’t be compared with them.

▼Please tell us the impression of looking back on participating WCS2017

I was fascinated by the professionalism of WCS, such as the high standard of the accommodation and also the details of schedule that they arrange for us. The staffs wereare all friendly, warm and always willing to support my team and others. Last but not least, the unity of all teams camecome from different countries wasis the most important. Together, we mademake unforgettable memories.

▼Please tell us what you would like to do in the future and dreams through cosplay.

Until now I have not had any plans about the cosplay path. However, I will still keep continue doing things that I love and at the same time, maintaining my main career so I can manage my budget for cosplay in the future.

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