“3rd Cosplayers.Global Cup” Rule released!

Cosplayers.Global official tournament “3rd Cosplayers.Global Cup” has been decided!

The top winners will receive a present which is a “Emblem Badge” in tournament special design which you are able to use in Cosplayers.Global!Lets upload pictures and have fun with everyone!

※Timings will be all in “GMT” standard

2017/11/6 00:00 〜 12/3 23:59

Subjected to pictures uploaded during the period.
Rankings will be decided with the number of likes submitted to the subjected pictures

Top 20 people will be awarded with a “Emblem Badge” that will be able to be shown in “my page”.
If you already have a badge for Cosplayers.Global Cup, the newest badge will be shown.

【Result announcements】
※The schedule may change depending on the progress of counting the number of likes.

・If we find out that multiple cosplayers are using a single account, it will not be included in the count
・ We will begin counting the number of “likes” in each user ID from 0:00 on 12/4. Any “likes” are removed before this time, will be invalid.
・The “Emblem Badge” will be shown automatically. There will be no need for the user to set.
・If there is a tie at the borderline of the rewards, all users who are tied will receive the reward.

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