High rankers to become WCS2018 official models! 4th Cosplayers.Global Cup takes place!

Hi! I’m Yamato from the Cosplayers.Global editorial department.
Almost 3 months has passed since the last Cosplayers.Global Cup, a Cosplayers.Global official competition, but it’s making a comeback!

This time, high ranking pictures will appear on various mediums relating to the WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT, a worldwide cosplay competition scheduled for August in Nagoya, Japan. This will include the official website, official SNS and brochures.

Prize winners’ cosplay names will also appear in the WCS2018 end credits as official cosplay models!

● When
00:00 (GMT) 27 March 2018 – 23:59 (GMT) 29 April 2018.

● How to enter
Use hashtag #WCS2018ModelEntry when posting pictures.

● Selection process

1st selection stage
Pictures that receive a large number of LIKEs during this period will move on to the 2nd selection stage.

2nd selection stage
Our judges will select prize-winning pictures through a rigorous and fair process.

▼ Our judges
・Tokumaru Oguri (CEO and founder of World Cosplay Summit)
・Dai Esaki (IID,Inc Vice Department Manager Media Division Anime Department)
・Somtam Tai (KADOKAWA CORPORATION Walkerplus/WebNewtype News Writer)
・sky★Re (WCS2016 Japan Representative)
・Takahiro Mori (World Cosplay Summit General Producer)

● Announcement of results
We will announce the results on Cosplayers.Global News on Sunday 20 May 2018.
*We will not directly contact prize winners.

● Prizes
Those who pass the 1st selection stage will receive a Cosplayers.Global Cup special Emblem Badge, displayable in My Page.
High rankers will receive a badge with a special design!
(If you were rewarded with a badge in a Cosplayers.Global Cup before, it will be replaced by the new one.)

● Notes
・At 00.00 (GMT) 30 April 2018 we will count the number of LIKEs each posted picture received during the competition. LIKEs withdrawn before that are not valid.
・We will count all five types of LIKE.
・You can enter as many times as you want.
・Photographers can also enter, but make sure to get permission from the subject cosplayer first.
・Emblem Badges will display automatically. Set-up by users is not necessary.
・We will use usernames registered with Cosplayers.Global as at 1 July 2018 for prize winners’ cosplay names displayed in the end credits.

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