Cosplayers.Global Cup News Vol.1

Hi! I’m Yamato from the Cosplayers.Global Editorial department

The 1st Cosplayers.Global Cup has finally started!
No entry needed. Everyone who posted their picture are participants.
You have to login to Cosplayers.Global to be able to post a picture or to give a “Like”. If you are not Cosplayers.Global’s member please sign up, it will just take a minute.

▼Here to log in to Cosplayers.Global

The rule is very simple! The cosplayer who gets the most “Likes” within the period gets to be higher ranked.
It’s advantageous to post allot of pictures, so please upload more.
You can post through the “+”logo on the bottom right after logging in.

Also, please “Like” pictures that you favour! You are the judges.

▼Click here for details of regulation

Next time we will be announcing the intermediate announcement.
The emblem badge medal which is currently under production will also be released to the public next time!