Results announcement Cosplayers.Global Cup News Vol.3

Hi! I’m Yamato from the Cosplayers.Global Editorial department.

Thank you for those who have uploaded images for the first Cosplayers.Global Cup and liked them.

Participants from 56 different countries and region has joined!
We got many people Despite the first official tournament that took place in just two months from the start of service, many people got excited

With high popularity the 2nd Cosplayers.Global Cup has already been decided!
The next tournament is planned to be held in August.  We will tell you the details in the news, so please prepare.

Well, the introduction was long but, it’s the long-awaited results!

1st 麗華-REIKA- (Japan)

麗華-REIKA- | Cosplayers Global

I’m Japanese cosplayer! 大阪人。 どうぞよろしく! ■Facebook: …


2nd Thánh Thông (Viet Nam)

Thánh Thông | Cosplayers Global

Hello,I’m Thánh Thông,I’m a cosplayer in Vietnam I start cosplay in 2015 and my favorite anime is Gi …


3rd TaeYeon Minemes (South Korea)

TaeYeon Minemes | Cosplayers Global

TaeYeon Minemes ☆☆☆ Instagram: minemes.kty …


4th Rydia (Spain)

Rydia | Cosplayers Global

Hello! I’m a cosplayer, cosmaker and seamstress who has been cosplaying since 1999. This is one of m …


5th Hana Yuki (Myanmar)

Hana Yuki | Cosplayers Global

Hello everyone. I am Hana Yuki from Myanmar. Nice to meet you all … Facebook – https://www.faceboo …


6th ぜろレシア (Japan)

7th Himechii (Indonesia)

8th Stacy Ji – Cosplay (Russia)

9th Witchiko (Brazil)

10th Nek (Russia)

11th Yuna Sanzo Blanchett (Spain)

12th Summer Yuki (Philippines)

13th TAICHIMANN (Japan)

14th Fransuaza Stein (Russia)

15th Shiroku (Germany)

16th Eliot (Mexico)

17th 賚夢(Raimu) (Japan)

18th SedNobis (Netherlands)

19th FallenWings (Germany)

20th 釖鵺(Japan)

Congratulations to the winners!
The award emblem badge will be sent orderly, so please look forward to it.

Now, in the next Cosplayers.Global Cup News, we are planning on special feature on reviewing the 1st C.G Cup.
Whats more, you will receive a review comment from “that person”! Who will it be ^^ please look forward to it!