Holding<cosplay_style × C.G>collaboration plan!

Cosplayers.Global is collaborating with “cosplay_style” with followers over 180,000 people in WORLD COSPLAY SUMMIT (WCS)!


We will deliver what is happening in the all night cosplay event “Lagunacos 2017” on 7/29(Sat) in Nagoya(Japan) through cosplay_style’s Instagram! If you tell us your C.G user ID during the shoot, cosplay_style will link your mypage.

On the day there will be staffs with “Cosplayers.Global” arm band walking around, please let them take picture of you!

After that C.G will conduct a special plan to review on the event.
Together with pictures taken by cosplay_style we will specially feature pictures posted in C.G with the hashtag “#lagucos2017” on cosplay_style! We will be waiting for you posts.

▼ラグコス2017 (WCS 2017 Laguna Cosplay Festival )