4 Asian country and region representative gathered! Taiwan event report

6/24. In a department store in Taipei “太平洋SOGO(Pacific SOGO)”, a stage performance was held by a experienced World Cosplay Summit (WCS) representative.
At the venue, exhibitions such as Japanese cuisine and crafts were held until early July, and a large number of event participants interested in Japan gathered.

On stage, in addition with the new and the old Taiwan representative there was TaeYeon, Korea representative of 2012 and Sky★Re, Japan representative of 2016 appeared on stage. They talked about how wonderful Nagoya was, where WCS is held and memories on how they spent the days as representatives.
Also as a surprise, John, Indonesia representative of 2015 was just happened to be in Taiwan on that day appeared! It became a luxurious event with 4 countries and regional representatives, gathered on stage, in Taiwan.

At the photo session after the stage, people gather to take a photo with the representative, showing the popularity of cosplay in Taiwan.
Taiwan was already mid summer. It’s expected that WCS will be quite hot, but even in Taiwan, it felt the strong heat.