Supporting summer event participant! Notification of new function implementation

Hi! I’m Yamato from the Cosplayers.Global Editorial department.

Is everyone preparing costume for summer events?
Planned to travel far?

Cosplayers.Global is implementing some new functions to support cosplayer’s summer events!
function addition is planned to be on 7/20.

●New function no.1
Notice of participating in events, recruiting gathering companions and cameramen etc.
Implementing abilities to post such appeal messages.
This time we are releasing as alpha version first in summer. We will continue to evolve more functions in the future!

●New function no.2
Support summer event expedition!
You will be able to tag “Photographed country” when submitting pictures.
Might be able to gather attention by taking pictures different from the usual!?

●New function no.3
The release of this feature has been postponed until further notice.
Responding to the many requests on the problem that the top and bottom of the thumbnail will be trimmed when posting to Twitter.
Will be able to post vertical pictures as a whole.
So please share your favorite pictures more!

In addition, we plan to add some more functions.

Please note that it will be unable to connect to Cosplayers.Global for the following period for maintenance due to function addition.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but please understand.

Maintenance period
2017/7/20 13:00 〜 17:00 (Japan time)

Cosplayers.Global will continue to aim for services that can connect with friends all over the world and we are planning to add various functions, so please wait!