[C.G Cup info] Cosplayers.Global Cup In session!

Hi! I’m Yamato from the Cosplayers.Global Editorial department

The 3rd Cosplayers.Global Cup has finally started!

Collecting the most “likes” during the period. We are deciding the world’s best just by this simple rule.
Lets post your favourite pictures and aim for higher rank!

▼Click here for details of regulation

Previously, with the winner “Eliot” and “Hana Yuki” in the 3rd Mexico and Myanmar had a great success. Which cosplayers will get attention this time. That might be you?

In addition, we will announce not only individual ranking but also ranking by country this time as well. Please give a cosplayer of your country your “likes” to support
Previously, Mexico and Myanmar chase the top Japan really closely, but what is going to happen this time?