[C.G Cup info] Contest review

Hi! I’m Yamato from Cosplayers.Global editorial department

Thank you for those cosplayers who has posted pictures and those who has supported by “Liking” the photos for the 4th Cosplayers.Global Cup.
As announced in the live streaming on 5/20, 5 entries were selected as winning works from about a 1000 entries.
Then let’s introduce the prize-winning works!

I received some comments from the judges who were in charge of the 2nd round judges, so I’ll introduce them.

・Tokumaru Oguri (CEO and founder of World Cosplay Summit)
Not only the quality of costume and the sculptures but I judged “How is the back ground and the costume matched” and also “Is it also making facial expression “as points.

・Dai Esaki (IID,Inc Vice Department Manager Media Division Anime Department)
Because it was a photo contest, I felt that many works were entered with impressions different from shooting events and performances. There for I felt the commitment of motifs and backgrounds of cosplay strongly. I got the impression that there wasn’t as much works like a scene from a story but more of works expressing character’s personality or charm or official illustration by cosplay .

・Somtam Tai (KADOKAWA CORPORATION Walkerplus/WebNewtype News Writer)
Since it’s a model contest this time, I’ve chosen works on points that are expressing the title’s word view and with a solid background that would look nice when on web sites, pamphlets or posters. Within that Shiroku’s pictures looked fun and had the atmosphere, and I thought that for those who don’t know much about cosplay might feel that ‘Cosplay looks fun!’, so I’ve chosen as my “most favorite work”

・sky★Re (WCS2016 Japan Representative)
On overall there were a lot of works that are beautiful photos and has the atmosphere of characters, and the examination was very difficult.
After hard thinking, I’ve chosen work that I felt the picture that has a good cohesion overall.

・Takahiro Mori (World Cosplay Summit General Producer)
I felt that there were many works with intensity in natural pictures taken in real location rather than sticking to effects.

And a new project announcement!

New competition newly added to WCS’s cosplay championship, “WCS Photo Championship 2018” and “WCS Video Championship 2018” application has begun

Champion will be awarded on green carpet stage in ‘cosplay holy ground’ in Nagoya and be able to be a judge in cosplay championship.
Please check here too!

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