#FlymetoJapan Campaign

● Summary
Let’s win a round trip air ticket to Japan by signing up to Cosplayers.Global
A lottery for round trip ticket to Japan will be held for 6 winners with 4 tickets each will be presented. (24 people in total)

You will win round trip tickets for 4 person. So, if you win let’s present to a friend.
Or if you share this campaign and your friend wins, he or she might gift it to you?
You may choose the schedule for the round trip ticket. (There are exclusion dates such as new year’s holidays)
If you are visiting during the World Cosplay Summit season, viewing seats for championship will also be given.

●Qualification requirements
Every users who signed up for Cosplayers.Global.

● How to apply
Please apply from the link bellow!

Please prepare your member ID and a e-mail address to contact to.
For those who need to register membership!

● Application period
2018/4/9 0:00 – 6/30 23:59 (Japan time)

●Ticket usage deadline
2018/12/31 23:59 (Japan time)

● How to contact the winners, language, when
We will announce the results through contacting the winners by  2018/7/6 23:59(Japan time).
We will contact through the e-mail address submitted during application in english.

● Notes
・Applicants have to be a registered member of Cosplayers.Global.
・Departure venue, departure date, date of arrival can be chosen, but you can not choose a specific airline / flight. Also, there is a possibility that the tickets are not securable  depending on reservation status / time.
・The 4 round trip tickets can be set as separate flights (different departure venue/departure date/arrival date).You can gift the tickets to friends who aren’t able to come to Japan together. The winner may also give the rights to another person
・The same person can not use the round trip tickets multiple times.
・The present is only the tickets and does not include expenses for any accommodations, meals etc at the time of stay.

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Let’s win a free round trip air ticket to Japan by signing up to Cosplayers.Global

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