10/8(Sun) Recruiting official reporter for “Hokocos2017 ver. Autumn”!

On 2017/10/8 the “Hokocos2017 ver. Autumn” will be held in Nagoya. We are looking for an official reporter to convey the excitement of this event.

The selected reporter will receive a participation ticket for Hokkokos.  Cosplayers and photographers who wish to report with approve for event recognition please do apply!

Also, posting of after report of the event on Cosplayers.Global News has been confirmed!  We will post photographs taken around the world with credits to the official reporter!
※Entry for any reporter is allowed.

Why don’t you share and appeal Japanese cosplay event to the world with your pictures?

▼Hokocos2017 ver. Autumn “Official reporter & cameraman” recruitment is here

▼Details on “Hokocos2017 ver. Autumn” is here

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