Hokocos 2017 Autumn 〜Minami Ootsu-dori Hokousha Tengoku COSPLAY〜 Report

Nagoya the “holy ground of cosplay” where World Cosplay Summit is held. Hokocos was held on 10/8(Sun) in the middle of a shopping district continuing from May.
We will show you how the event went with good weather and with the photos taken by “official reporter & photographer.

▼”Boy idol” gathering

▼”Girl idol” gathering

▼”Game character” gathering

▼”Manga character” gathering

▼”Vocaloid” gathering

▼”Toukenranbu” gathering

▼”Japanese themed character” gathering

▼(photography:Van Naruse)

▼(photography:Osu Blog)

(article:Cosplayers.Global editors)