[New function] Let’s spread cosplay’s possibility with short movies!

Hi! I’m Yamato from Cosplayers.Global editorial department.

On 4/9 it’s  a year since Cosplayers.Global has started!
Members has spread to more than 200 countries, and beautiful works are posted everyday from all over the world.

And celebrating second year we have implemented a new function that allows you to publish “Cosplay Short Movie” to C.G!

Is there anything you could not express with pictures such as the character’s special moves, transformation pose, or the famous scene of that work? In that case, let’s take a video with a camera or phone and publish it!

The short movies you can post are within 15 seconds. It’s very short, so I think the shoot and edits can be done easily. Please include your work and love for the character in this short time!
However, the file size that can be posted is within 20 MB, so please be careful when shooting and editing.

We will pickup and introduce works that we are interested on Cosplayers.Global News!
We are waiting for interesting works such as amazing ideas and flashy effects~♪

Well then, please enjoy a new way to express cosplay through “Short movies”!

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