[New function] Newly released feature that makes participating in events even more fun!

Hello. I am Ushio and I’m in charge of Cosplayers.Global Web (* ´ω` *)

We released a new feature that would help cosplayers join events more easily!

I would like to introduce some of the functions of this recommended feature♪

Point 1
Advanced search function

You can search for events using parameters such as region, name of work, name of cosplayed character and more.
You can also search for events close to where you live and make lots of new cosplay friends ♪

Point 2
Calendar function

You can check your calendar for events you have planned for that month and even the birthdays of characters you love!
Moreover, if you click an event’s icon you can discover even more detailed information!

Point 3
Anyone can create an event easily

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to organize a meet-up for a work I love but I can’t gather members…”?
When this happens, you can just use C.G.’s event function to recruit members for a meet-up!

Point 4
Participants can confirm in advance what characters they can cosplay and what characters photographers want to photograph!

Since there are a lot of participants in big events, it’s often difficult to find someone who is cosplaying your favorite character.
In that situation, you can check the participant summary page before the event and confirm in advance what characters you would like to photograph as well as which cosplayers you would like to take photos together with!
Instead of searching around a big venue aimlessly, from now on let’s enjoy events more efficiently!

Finally, WCS is getting closer and closer!
In Japan, the rainy season has begun and the heat of summer has set.
To all cosplayers who plan on attending Lagu-Cos and WCS, please make sure to take countermeasures to battle the heat!
Since I will also be attending this year, I’m looking forward to meeting cosplayers from all around the world!♪

Everyone, let’s enjoy a happy cosplay life♪