“ONE PIECE Cosplay King Grand Prix” Pickup Special Feature part 9

For today’s pickup we have randomly selected photos of Roronoa Zoro from all the entries to “ONE PIECE Cosplay King Grand Prix” !

Let’s go check what kind of works have been submitted, and if you haven’t applied yet, try challenging yourself into this adventure !
Entries are open until March 30th (Sat.)

※ The works introduced here are entry examples, they are not related to any kind of ranking.

◇Description  : Cosplay contest of characters featured in
anime “ONE PIECE”. 20 people will be selected
as the 9 members of the Straw Hat Pirates +
11 additional characters
◇Target    : 『ONE PIECE』fans from all over the world
◇Entry period : Until March 30th (Sat.) ※World standard time
◇Entry method : Post a photo with the hashtag #opcosplayking
on the website Cosplayers.Global
          ※Free member registration to Cosplayers.Global is required
◇Final battle : 2019.8.3 (Sat.) at Nagoya Oasis 21

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