Also hold autograph session of Mel Kishida! Qoo Hotel provides best support for Nipponbashi Street Festa!

In Nipponbashi Denden Town, Osaka, on 3/18(Sun.), ”Nipponbashi Street Festa 2018”, the biggest cosplay event of Japan, will be held.

The “cosplayer-friendly hotel” Qoo Hotel Ebisu-cho will provide best support for cosplayers who participate in Street Festa! Prepare big locker to store weapons and costume easily as standard! And also prepare setting materials and convenient tool for cosplay. Let’s have an awesome with cosplayers from all over the world in the lounge!

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And prepare various planning according to event. Because people who don’t need register it in advance and can participate in it even they are not guest of hotel, please come to play♪

● Talk session and autograph session by Mel Kishida who is the popular Illustrator
3/18(Sun.) 3:30 PM〜4:30 PM

Holds talk session about preference about how to make character by Mel Kishida who handles the official illustration of World Cosplay Summit. The active cosplayers also participate in it as MC and talk about the difference of thinking about character from the perspective of cosplay and illustration.

● Japan representative of WCS2016 sky★Re’s “Blacksmith’s branch shop”
3/17(Sat.) 6:00 PM 〜8:00 PM

Open the well-known sky★Re blacksmith’s branch shop in “Crafters” of the popular costume commentary column in Cosplayers.Global!
Because people who have participation certificate of Street Festa can use sewing machine and work table, also can wrap it! Why not improve the quality of your clothes through listening to the advice of Japan representative of WCS2016?

● Latte art only in the period of Street Festa
Special latte art are available in café space in 2 days of 03/17(Sat.)〜03/18(Sun.). Currently Barista who loves anime so much are preparing for it secretly! Please verify the design by yourself on that day♪

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I stayed at Qoo Hotel, which is designed to be a “cosplayer-friendly hotel”.

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