“Recipe Atelier” How to use guide (for PC)

Following the recent launching of “Recipe Atelier” on October 31th, please let me explain you how to post your tutorials on this new functionality from PC.

The icon of the “Recipe Atelier” is located on the upper right corner of the screen for the PC version. Click on the stock pot icon to access the Atelier.

On the right side of the Recipe Atelier page, you can proceed to a new entry en clicking on the “Create recipe” button.

1. First enter the title of your recipe in the “Title” section.

2. You can then upload the title picture of your tutorial. It will be displayed on the top of the tutorial and as the thumbnail of your entry on the Atelier main page.

3. Next please enter a short introduction about your tutorial.

4. In the “Recipe” part you can describe in details the steps of the tutorial.

5. And list all the materials and tools that you have used in “Raw materials”.

6. I you want to add details, tips or stress some points please write them in the “Please enter the tips / points” section.

7. You can then enter your own personalized tags, and be careful to separate them with commas. Please remember that simple tags will make researches easier !

8. Please pick up a category between “Costume”, “Wig”, “Makeup”, “Craftsmanship” and “Other”.

9. Finally, by searching from the character’s name or the series name, please choose and register the name of a character.

10. The process is complete, you can now post your tutorial by clicking on the submit button !

If you want to save a draft, please click on the “save draft” button.
And if you want to delete it, click on the trash can button on the left. (Be careful to not delete it by mistake)

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