【Recruitment starts on 2020/10】 Cosplay de UMIGOMI ZERO AWARD will be held!

Grand Prix prize will be an activity incentive of One Million yen!! Cosplay de UMIGOMI ZERO AWARD will be held!
The problem of marine litter continues to increase all over the world. It is said that by 2050 the amount of marine debris, including plastic, will be larger than the amount of fish, and urgent measures are needed.
Therefore, we are recruiting cosplayers from all over the world to take action to reduce marine litter and to make environment-friendly costumes!
Please give us your strength to help us protect the beautiful sea with the power of cosplayers from around the world, so we can continue to take amazing pictures in beautiful and clean locations!

◆ Recruitment categories

  • Action category

Looking forward to 2020, we are looking for cosplayers from around the world to conduct activities and initiatives aimed at fighting marine litter, including examples of activities that lead to marine litter reduction and efforts to raise awareness of marine litter.

  • Costume category

We are looking for the costume making recipes of cosplayers who are conscious about making costumes reducing the marine litter or costumes made from reused materials and following the 3Rs Rule (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) for their costume-making process.


◆Recruitment period



◆Awards(Activity incentives)

*1 award each

  • Action category

Grand Prix One Million yen

1st runner up 500,000 yen

2nd runner up 300,000 yen

Special Jury Prize 100,000 yen

  • Costume category

Grand Prix 200,000 yen

1st runner up 100,000 yen

2nd runner up 50,000 yen

Special Jury Prize 50,000 yen


◆About the judging

The award winners will be selected according to the following examination policy, by a jury composed of the Secretariat committee, marine litter experts and leading figures of the manga, anime and video game industry.

* Results will be notified only to selected people from April 2020 to May 2020

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