The first participation in WCS! The report of the Contest in Costa Rica.

The WCS2018 preliminary contest in Costa Rica was held at animation and manga festa, “MATSURI”, in Costa Rica National Stadium on January 20th and 21st, 2018.
Costa Rica participated in WCS for the first time this year, and seven teams entered the contest. Many of the teams were good at modeling and they gave the video a twist. Their performances were really impressive. Furthermore, it was so memorable that the cheers from the audience was very loud and there was a feeling of unity was felt in the whole venue.

The team which became the first representative of Costa Rica was“Racoon Battle” that gave a performance with a motif of Fate/Grand Order. We also expect they would do the best on their performance at the WCS2018 Contest held in summer.

▼Costa Rica Representative
Team Name:Raccoon Battle
Series Name:Fate/Grand Order
Characters Name:Siegfried & Merlin
Cosplayers Name:Will Avendaño & Anthony Zuñiga

▼ The track field of the studium is the venue of the event!

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