World Cosplay Summit 2019 Costa Rica Selections Event Report

May 5, 2019 Costa Rica selections for WCS 2019 representatives have occurred at “Con-X”.
“Con-X” is one of the largest Costa Rica entertainment event that combines characters and hobbies from anime culture.
A lot of different genres were represented at companies’ booths, and severals stages welcomed various guests.

[Report on the event venue]

There were various booths displayed, for general cosplay participation as well as a cosplay photo session booth, and one were people could catch the sight of manga and anime characters.

[Report on WCS Costa Rica preliminaries]

Costa Rica representatives for WCS 2019 are Stan Cosplay&Eli Cosplay, who cosplayed from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night! Let’s meet in Nagoya next summer ! Congratulations !

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