Announcement of winners: “WCS Photo Championship 2018”

Introducing the winning works of “WCS Photo Championship 2018”.

WCS Photo Championship 2018

– WCS Photo Award

– Judges Special Award

– Comments from the judges

Tokumaru Oguri
I can feel how complete it is as a piece of art that respects the original work not only thanks to the perfection of the outfit but also through the facial expression, pose, composition, craftsmanship of the background and use of colors.

Nao Hirasawa
Since this is a judging I absolutely had to choose, but overall the competition was very close and I felt that the level of skill was evenly matched.
In that respect, I gave my evaluation on the basis of the charm and liveliness of the character, as well as what kind of worldview was expressed through the character.

Toru Fujisawa
Since all of the works have a high level of reproduction, I was deliberating until the end. When I was choosing my favorite work, the deciding factor for me was the perfection of the worldview included in the setting.

Yoko Taro
I had a really hard time choosing since the quality of all the works is high.
I’m still astonished that there are so many people from so many countries who do cosplay.
As for my selection, I chose a photo that is not only beautiful but also stresses the strength of the reality (believability) of the character.

What kind of moment emerges when instilling a single photo with the worldview of both character and work? I made my selection based on liveliness, drama, and how much I could feel the other side of the scenery through the work.
From a technical perspective, the works I chose have an excellent balance of CG volume, camera angles, etc.

Yamato Chikamochi
All the works feel like they include their creators’ own special insights on top of understanding the character, and that’s why I had a really hard time making my choice.
I gave my evaluation based on the expression and poses of the cosplayers, molded objects and camera work, retouch, and finally the piece that was produced by the team.