Announcement of winners: “WCS Video Championship 2018”

Introducing the winning works of “WCS Video Championship 2018”.

WCS Video Championship 2018

– WCS Video Award

– Character Award

– Comedy Award

– Impact Award / Idea Award

– Comments from the judges

Tokumaru Oguri
In addition to the quality of the cosplayer, the scale of the production was expanded greatly thanks to the participation of the photographer and editor.
I gave a high evaluation to this work since thanks to the collaboration between the various creators, it was able to expand the scale of its expressiveness.

Nao Hirasawa
All the nominated works were powerful and impressive.
I chose a work that managed to express the charm of the character, present the story and demonstrate the scale of the world all in the short span of 15 seconds.

Toru Fujisawa
Various kinds of works such as elaborate movies and image videos have been created.
The composition of this work felt like an actual movie, combining CG style and a sense of speed that were the deciding factors for me.

Yoko Taro
I enjoyed myself a lot since many works managed to draw out the appeal of their original works through the medium of a movie.
It was really hard to choose, but eventually I decided to highlight the point of being able to compress the full charm of a work into a short amount of time.

When making my judgment I paid attention not only to the outfit itself, but also to how the creator was able to express the worldview of the original work within the short time span of 15 seconds.
Illustrating great story composition and development, camerawork and use of CG, this work feels like a commercial film.

Yamato Chikamochi
I’m really glad I was able to see how many methods of expression were devised in spite of 15 seconds being a very short span of time.
I feel that from now on it is going to keep steadily evolving as a new expression of cosplay.