WCS Online Contest judges decided!

We will introduce the judges for the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) new department, ‘WCS Photo Championship 2019’ and ‘WCS Video Championship 2019’.

Tokumaru Oguri
CEO and founder of World Cosplay Summit


Osamu Masuyama
Animation Art Director, Inspired inc.CEO

Haruhiko Mikimoto
Character designer, Illustrator
“The Super Dimension Fortress Macross”,”Aim for the Top GunBuster” etc
“Job Tribes” Character designer

Yamato Chikamochi
Cosplayers.Global Producer

If you’re chosen as a champion, you will be invited to the “World Cosplay Summit” held in Nagoya, Japan in August and will be honored on stage
And also, you can be a judge of the WCS 2019 World Cosplay Championship.

You can post pictures and movies on Cosplayers.Global to enter WCS Online Contest.

Application ends 6/3(Mon.) 23:59(GMT)!

●Implementation items

WCS Photo Championship 2019
Contest of cosplay photos

▼Application method and regulations are here

WCS Video Championship 2019
Contest for short movies within 15 Seconds

▼Application method and regulations are here

Please check this article on online contest details.

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