Announcement of winners: “WCS Photo Championship 2019”

Introducing the winning works of “WCS Photo Championship 2019”.

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WCS Photo Championship 2019

– WCS Photo Award

– Judges Special Award

– Comments from the judges

Tokumaru Oguri
Of course, retouching technique is important, but still it’s the costumes and props, makeup, posing, and composition when taking a moment to express the world of the tittle and characters. I judged by these generally. There is a sense that it has reached a level that it is one “painting”.

Everyone’s quality was so high it was terribly fun looking at.
Among them, this time’s election standard was that does this have an image of “the world view”?
I focused on that when judging.
Not only the process but, I was mainly looking at the background and if the composition was able to made image based off from the character

Osamu Masuyama
Regardless of the sizes of character in the screen, I think it is a big point on how the background brings out the characteristics of the character.
Also, those which were particular about lighting were beautiful in color.

Haruhiko Mikimoto
There was many artistic masterpiece it was a painful task to choose from
Do you call it photographic? Screen-processing that seems like illustration, depending on how you look,
I chose a work that felt that the composition that was attractively put to life.
But it was really close match.

Yamato Chikamochi
I felt that, of course they were particular about costumes, but it was thought over how to express that character. I evaluated in terms of the work that the world view of cosplay is felt strongly from one photo.

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