Announcement of winners: “WCS Video Championship 2019”

Introducing the winning works of “WCS Video Championship 2019”.

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WCS Video Championship 2019

– WCS Video Award

– Character Award

– Comedy Award

– Impact Award

– Idea Award

– Comments from the judges

Tokumaru Oguri
Since I have been judging from last year, I scored while feeling the overall quality getting better. 15-second is as long as a television commercial video, so I was impressed and felt that everyone studied.
I felt the pro nature from self-satisfaction to as an entertainer who entertains the fans.

Osamu Masuyama
I felt love for the worldview of the work from all if it and it was difficult to choose. However, the thing that has originality and particular of the scene detail were especially attractive.

Haruhiko Mikimoto
All the achievements as cosplay are hard to beat, so i chose those that have work with something in screen expression, action, composition that was protruding.
However, even if it’s called an action, I felt that not only “movement” but also “stillness” was a sufficiently impressive action.

Yamato Chikamochi
Every work was full of ideas and it was really difficult to choose.
I thought I felt that the passion was packed in a short time of 15 seconds whenI reviewd last year. I hope that more ways express will be born in the new genre called “Cosplay Short Movie”.

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