We’re holding WCS Online Contest 2019!

We’re holding WCS Online Contest this year again!
Who is going to walk the “Cosplay Holy ground” green carpet!!

there will be “Photo division” and “short movie division” made last year at the world competition of cosplay “World Cosplay Summit (WCS)” this year again!
The champion be invited to “World Cosplay Summit” held in Nagoya, Japan in August and awarded on stage.
Also, the champion will be able to participate as a judge for WCS2019 World Cosplay Championship.


2019/5/6 0:00(GMT) 〜 6/3 23:59(GMT)

●Implementation items

WCS Photo Championship 2019
Contest of cosplay photos

▼Application method and regulations are here

WCS Video Championship 2019
Contest for short movies within 15 Seconds

▼Application method and regulations are here

●Judge flow

1st judgment
The works that got the most number of ‘Likes!’ within the period will be advanced to 2nd judgement.

2nd judgment
We will decide the champion and winning works through rigorous review by judges.


Tokumaru Oguri
CEO and founder of World Cosplay Summit


Osamu Masuyama
Animation Art Director, Inspired inc.CEO

Haruhiko Mikimoto
Character designer, Illustrator
“The Super Dimension Fortress Macross”,”Aim for the Top GunBuster” etc
“Job Tribes” Character designer

Yamato Chikamochi
Cosplayers.Global Producer

●Result announcement
We will announce in late june on Cosplayers.Global News.
Those who are elected as June champion, will be contacted in English and Japanese to the e-mail address registered in Cosplayers.Global.

●High ranke rewards
for those who passed the 1st judge, we will give you an “emblem badge” of special event that you can display on my page.
(If you have previous Cosplayers.Global Cup badge, the new badge will be displayed)

– We will calculate the total number of ‘Likes’ accumulated by 2019/6/4 0:00(GMT). If there was ‘Likes’ removed by then it will not be included.
– All 5 types of ‘Likes’ will be aggregated.
– Camera man may also participate. But please get permission from the cosplayer who modeled.
– Emblem badge will be shown automatically. The user doesn’t need to set.

▼How the “WCS Online Contest 2018” Awarding ceremony looks like

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