I stayed at Qoo Hotel, which is designed to be a “cosplayer-friendly hotel”.

I just heard that a hotel which was newly designed to be cosplayer-friendly would start operation in Osaka, so I stayed there on trial.

To our surprise, this hotel is located immediately above Ebisucho subway Sta. which is the nearest station to “Nipponbashi Denden Town” where “Nipponbashi Street Festa”, the largest scale street cosplay event in Japan, is held.

I went to the lounge with the elevetor directly connected to the station, and I saw a modern-Japanese reception area. Also, apparently the costumes of the past WCS national representatives are displayed there! The seventh floor is exclusively for women. I wonder if there would be a floor exclusively for cosplayers…!?

In the lounge, there was a space to sit comfortably for about 20 people. I heard that there will be some cosplay workshop is going to be held there. Needless to say, it is OK to do some work for the cosplay costumes. It is really difficult to do such work on bed, but it is really a matter of joy that we can use a work space like this.

When I open the room door by the card key, I saw the rows of bunk beds. The modern-Japanese design is also impressive here. They say some door will be set up between the bed spaces when the hotel starts operation. So you would not have to hesitate to change in the occupied bed space as if you are in a private room.

After actually staying there, I felt the hotel was really “cosplayer-friendly”. I highly recommend this hotel to any cosplayers who are visiting Osaka.


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