League of Legends ”Cosplay Lab.” Report

“Cosplay Lab.” was held at DMM.make AKIBA on 2-3 December 2017. Cosplay Lab. is a cosplay workshop for cosplayers of popular MOBA “League of Legends”(Riot Games). C.G editorial team will report this event.


The opening is a panel session of Rioter(creators of Riot Games) .

Talk was continued at lunch time.

After lunch, next workshop is “Health Potion” making.

Teachers were Sky★Re and Goldy. They were Japan’s representatives of World Cosplay Summit.

Cutting urethane sheets. They are material of portion’s metal fittings.

Rioter took part in.

Sky★Re showed weathering skills.

Some cosplayers tried weathering to their own costumes and items.

Eye-popping workshop!

Dinner party was held at “Castle of Ideas” in Akihabara.

A participants said “I want to cosplay in this room!”.

Extra panel session was held.


Day 2 was started with Rioter Talk. After that, make-up workshop was held by Kazue Nakagawa.

Posing workshop with Usako. He talked about an importance of imagination.

The last workshop is an individual photo session.

Rioters advised to cosplayers.

At group photo time, “Real Teemo” brought cakes. They resembled his hat and glasses.
The day was a birthday of a participant by luck. So, all participants celebrated him.