Former Japan representative explains WCS2017! The first issue is Netherlands ‘GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST’

‘World Cosplay Summit 2017’ was held this summer. Surely there was many people who was amazed by the wonderful costumes from each countries.
So to enjoy more of participating team’s cosplay, we are having the ‘World Cosplay Summit 2016’ Japan representative sky★Re to explain the making of the costumes and highlights as a series over several posts.

And the first issue will be introduction of the Netherlands representative!

▼WCS2017 Netherlands representative

■Characters:Lindow Amamiya & Livie Collete

Nice to meet you
I’m ‘World Cosplay Summit 2016’ Japan representative sky★Re.
I followed this year’s Cosplay Summit 2017 and saw each costumes,  sculptures and stage props in backstage and asked how they made it.
Using this experience, I will show you in columns so that the future cosplayers all over the world who wish to participate in the world cosplay summit will have assistance when in trouble from methods of making cosplay costumes and weapons.

For the first issue, I would like to explain the “GOD EATER 2 RAGE BURST” played by the Netherlands representatives.

The two Netherlands representatives have made a story and performed that was based on each characters settings. Besides the wonderful performance and story, I want to pick up and introduce weapons this time!!

Point 1 : ‘How to make a weapon with rough and uneven weapons’

Weapons of each character are as tall as the height of the character hence the large scale, the impact is amazing!!

This time I’ve seen many representative’s costumes and weapons in the backstage, but within all the country representative’s costumes, weapons and props overflowing in the backstage the presence of Lindow’s sword was extremely big.

Aren’t you curious on how it was made?

I will explain the production method at once.

Craft form was used for the base. After cutting out the front and back of the weapon’s silhouette separately, stack polyurethane foam on the surface. After that, mold the shape of the polyurethane foam into a appropriate shape.

After that, paste paper on top of it and paint and it’s complete.

It seems easy to make it when written, but the skills and enthusiasm to carve down to this point is amazing!

However, it becomes heavy when it comes to weapons of this size, and it there is a problem on fragility when performing with it.
However this weapon is made with one intact craft foam from the start so that it wont fall apart during performance. Furthermore, a hard core is passed to the tip of the blade, making it difficult to shake when swinging the sword.
The surface looks soft by covering with polyurethane foam, but this is the finish that considers the biological feeling that was in the original game setting as a biological weapon for this sword.

Point 2 : ‘Reproduction of texture, surprising gimmick’

Next is explanation on Livie’s Variant Scythe.

A metal tension rod for curtain was used for the core for the sickle. (I will explain why a tension rod for curtains was used.)

The main material for the base is styrofoam (RoofMate).
*Styrofoam is a material used mainly for building insulation.
After cutting out a rough shape, filing it with a sand paper creates a hard edge and a unique roundness
And put out lightness by using wooden putty, and coat the surface mixture of a mineral powder called ActiveOne into acrylic resin.

And paint from above.

For the painting, it makes the unevenness clearer by putting a dark color in the concave part.
Although it is a method often used in a plastic model, but even with cosplay model the appearance can improve by allot!

Also, since you have to use an airplane to travel to Japan when you participate in World Cosplay Summit, the dome-shaped parts have been altered so that it can be fixed using a powerful magnet
Also this sickle is extendable from the blade part to express the special move in the game. This was why the metal tension rod for curtains was used for !!

By the way, the weapons introduced this time is planned be exhibited at Qoo Hotel in Nihonbashi, Osaka, Japan
Please stop by if you go to Osaka, please see the work of the WCS representative actually used.

Next time we will introduce the team that performed the title of a topical live-action movie!

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