The 2nd issue is explanation on Mexico representative’s costume. Excellent selection of materials! More information on design from figures!

Introducing interesting points of making costumes in different countries in “World Cosplay Summit 2017”, a special series plan unique to Cosplayers.Global.

The previous first issue, we introduced Netherlands representative’s Lindow Amamiya & Livie Collete (GOD EATER2 RAGE BURST). How was that characteristic gigantic weapon. Please visit there too!

So this 2nd issue we will be changing the plans a bit and introducing Mexico representative!
The explanations will be done by sky★Re, Japan representative of “World Cosplay Summit 2016”. Okay, let’s get started!

▼WCS2017 Mexico representative
■Title: Trigun
■Character:Vash the Stampede

Hi! I’m sky★Re.
This time is the 3rd place of World Cosplay Summit 2017!
We are picking up Vash the Stampede of ‘Trigun’ from Mexico!

Look! This Hansome guy!
He was cool during performance, but when I saw him eating in the backstage there was a tremendous Vash likeness, I stared from a distance.


Take a look at this coat!!
Besides the costume sewing technique
this time i want to introduce the costume’s “expression method”

A coat tha can be said as Vash’s synonym.
This cosplay design was based on a very famous figure garage kit amongst Vash’ figures.
After that, he finished the design as if he had abstracted all the coolest elements of the original, TV anime and the movie version.

Also metal parts was used partialy. This makes the solid feel.

Not only that. The coat and the cloak that was taken off during the early part of the performance has bullet holes, and to express the burnt trace effect when a hot bullet he painted burnt marks around the hole near the bottom of the costume.

And darker color was applied in the seams and fine decoration of the costume. By doing this allows it to have a stereoscopic effect like the outlines drawn in a illustration

These effects are mostly seen in live action version of anime or manga such as Iron Man, Batman and the 2.5 dimension type NARUTO on stage, often seen to raise the information of costume to express reality. This costume is also using the same expression methos as these.

Other participating teams also had same expressions, but as one of the teams whose the effects are especially strong, the costume of the Mexico representative was impressive.

Even for material, it staged a solid feeling by using a real textured fabric. when walking there was the sound of the cloth shifting, I was very excited when he was walking nearby.

The expression on the back of the synthetic leather fabric was a interesting technique

Normally when dying leather, it also dyes the back side.
In this case it’s red, but the back of the synthetic leather was in camel colour.
Thus, the back was dyed with red paint.

Even this alone is wonderful as an expression, but by dyeing the back side with paint, it transformed into a texture like a dried up thick leather.
Personally as a leather fetish, I was deeply moved by the expression of this texture.
I also want to imitate it when expressing a clean cut leather.
It is easier to make cosplay costumes look better to just use good, high-class fabrics, but the idea to show cool texture by such efforts is also wonderful.

Well then, I will do my best to provide interesting information next time!
Please took forward!