Hokocos2017 〜Minami Ootsu-dori Hokousha Tengoku COSPLAY〜 Report

The ‘Holy ground of cosplay’ Nagoya, where World Cosplay Summit is held. A big event in the middle of Minami Ootsu-dori (South Ootsu street) of Sakae shopping area during a pedestrian’s paradise (Hokousha tengoku) was made into a cosplay venue known as “Hokocos” was held on May 21 (Sun).

With good weather and best condition, cosplayers enjoyed photo taking and exchanges around the wide pedestrian’s paradise. Also, gathering with various themes was done, especially a lot of cosplayers gathered for “male idol” gathering, circle of exchanges continued for a while after photo taking.

On the stage, a major presentation for the memorable 15th World Cosplay Summit 2017 was held, announcing that the most ever 35 countries will participate.

▼Check here for more information on the presentation contents!

・”Male Idol” Gathering

・”Female Idol” Gathering

・”Japanese clothing characters” Gathering

(article:Cosplayers.Global Editorial department)