WCS2018 Online contest awarding ceremony report!

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Hi! I’m Yamato from Cosplayers.Global editorial team.

We will be reporting on the awarding ceremony for Eliot, the champion for “WCS Photo Championship 2018” and Yuyi’s cosplay, the champion for “WCS Video Championship 2018” that was held in WCS2018 cosplay championship in August!

They walked towards the stage in the spot light、on the green carpet prepared just for the champions. Eliot arrived in roller skates to imitate the “YURI!!! On ICE” world view!

They were introduced by the MC on the cosplay championship stage, and was awarded with the trophy.

The MC USAKO has commented that ‘It is amazing how the feets are not shown in the pictures but it has the realistic feel like as if the skates are there.’ regarding on Eliot’s cosplay picture

Yuyi’s cosplay short movie was evaluated as ‘Its almost like a scene from a movie’. Also we received a surprise video message from YOKO TARO, the “NieR:Automata” game designer

Eliot and Yuyi took part as championship judges together with the voice actor Toru Furuya and the singer Ichiro Mizuki. Also, they joined the WCS2018 cosplay area stage and parade!

Last but not least! An important announcement!

The “WCS Photo Championship 2019” and “WCS Video Championship 2019” for next year’s WCS2019 has been decided!
More details will be announced in later dates, so please prepare your most proud cosplay pictures or cosplay short movies! You might be the next to be awarded on WCS stage!

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