Picture report:Championship Performance Vol.3

▼ 8/5 Championship Performance Vol.3

● Thailand
Jasper Z and KUTTO
appearing as nergigante armor set and Hunter Armor Set from Monster Hunter World

● Russia
Rokshata and Shupashkar-tyan
appearing as Caren and Alice from Scissors Crown

● Korea
dogdog and Eun siyul
appearing as Gilles and Jeanne d’Arc from Fate/Grand Order

● Sweden
Shiroiaisu and Grimalkin
appearing as Jack-O’ Valentine and Baiken from Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2

● Mexico
eduardo peralta and jose luis saenz
appearing as Dhalsim and Chun-Li from STREET FIGHTER

● Portugal
Leonor Grácias and Manon
appearing as Hinoto Hime and Kamui Shirou from X(エックス)

● Philippines
Kai Raito and Sergio
appearing as Mitsunari Ishida and Nobunaga Oda from Sengoku Basara

● Myanmar
Ayanami Ayumi and Red
appearing as Hijikata Toshizo and Kazama Chikage from Hakuouki

● Switzerland
Asura and Rinn
appearing as Joker and Skull from Persona 5

● Chile
Eriza and Chrome
appearing as Kuranosuke Koibuchi and Tsukimi Kurashita from Kuragehime

● Indonesia
Yumaki and iBun
appearing as Orochi and Hanbei Takenaka from Warriors Orochi 3

● Germany
Daiyame and Symphonia
appearing as Plachta and Sophie Neuenmuller from Atelier Sophie:The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book

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