WCS New Participant Country! South Africa event report.

The selection for the first team from the African continent to join WCS was held at ICON Comic & Games Convention 2018 (June 29-July 1 2018).

This special event was held at Emperors Palace hotel casino near Johannesburg Airport.
Jinxkitty and Maoukami were chosen from 7 competing teams to become South Africa’s first WCS Championship Representative team for their “Link” and “Zelda” cosplays from “The Legend of Zelda”.

‘This year’s event was a little like a warehouse, but next year we plan to move to a place that will attract more participants’ event organizer Les enthused.

We can’t wait to see what kind of performance South Africa will bring to the WCS Championships on August 5th!

It was great to see lots of cosplayers in the crowds at South Africa’s selection event.