WCS Champioship result choosen by the cosplayers!

World Cosplay Summit 2019 has sucssesfully ended

Have you all seen the WCS big moment cosplay championship?
There was so many fantastic performance it was hard to choose my favourite team again this year.
The results of the WCS2019 cosplay championship are France in 3rd, US in 2nd, Australia in 1st, according to the costume review results and performance judges! Every country’s costumes were very beautiful and carefully made in detail!

But there are hidden judges in the cosplay championship! the people who were representatives of WCS in the past, the WCS alumni.
Looking at the stage from the cosplayer’s point of view, and as a senior who once stood on the same stage, and as a friend with the same hobby, I was checking the passion transmitted from the stage

Although it is not possible to look closely at the costumes and examine them closely, but the WCS alumni screening focused solely on the championship, such as the quality of costumes, movements of the performance, and acting skills that can be seen on stage!

Only the number one result on Sunday was introduced in the main round, but the details will be published here!

On Saturday, except for those who went directly from TOKYO ROUND to The FINAL 32 teams participated in NAGOYA ROUND.
Only half of these 16 teams can advance to The FINAL on Sunday the next day.

NAGOYA ROUND was judged by 21 past representatives of WCS Alumni!
The order was decided by their vote.
21 cosplayers! And the 3rd place team selected by WCS senior Almunai is!

3rd Korea
The Korean team with a great balance between background and performance became 3rd!

2nd tie votes, Indonesia Philippines
2 teams with the exact same number of votes!
It’s Indonesia that showed a gimmick and performance with an impact in a dark atmosphere, and the Philippines that showed a speedy action while using the background video like a movie!



1st China
China, who showed great move as if they were professional, was ranked first!

Other than that, Switzerland, Spain, Singapore, Canada, etc. also had good reviews.

And the FINAL on Sunday everyone was waiting for the FINAL!!
The stage of 16 teams that won the previous day’s NAGOYA ROUND and 8 teams that gained seed rights in TOKYO ROUND has started.
There were WCS 29 alumni judges for The FINALs!
As on Saturday, the ranking was decided by votes.
The FINAL results of past WCS representatives, seniors, and cosplayers is…!

3rd USA
With great costume and performance it was USA!
Despite the early performance order, they were ranked high! It was that memorable!

2nd Philippines
The Philippines, with speedy action and background video, and the use of props were great, kept second place as same as Saturday.

1st China
China, which performance as if they were flying around the stage, was ranked 1st again after Saturday!

Other than that, Indonesia, Australia, South Korea, Chile, etc. also had good reviews

How was the screening result by cosplayers from various countries?
I am very curious whether it is similar to the ranking you had or completely different.
The hottest WCS cosplay championship in this year’s hot summer!
There will be a much hotter stage next year too, so please come and see!

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