Austria First Participation to WCS ! Selection Preliminaries Report !

From August 31 to September 2, 2018, preliminary competition of judging Austrian representative was held in “AniNite 2018”, which WCS 2019 first participated in.

Sales booths and food booths in the venue were very crowded with visitors. Figures were especially popular among people there. In addition, Cosplay workshops, and sessions such as hand making accessories and photo-processing were held.

The first Austrian representative chosen was a team of Verena and Tanja, who played Diaochan and Wang Yuanji of Dynasty Warriors. They are TWINS!!
We are looking forward to their performance at WCS 2019 held in Nagoya, Japan!

Many cosplayers were visiting the event. There was also a runway stage, and many people were enjoying cosplays, which was impressive.