Wonder festival: ID-0 event report

On 2017/7/30, a talk show of “ID-0”, a TV anime that was aired till June was held at the ‘WONDERFUL HOBBY LIFE FOR YOU!!’ booth in ‘Wonder Festival’ a Japan’s largest garage kit festival.

Mr. Kazuyuki Okitsu who voiced as Ido, Ms. Minami Tsuda who voiced as Maya Mikuri, and chief producer of the anime Mr Nao Hirasawa was on stage.
The 3 appeared as the opening of the TV anime played. The venue excited as Ms Tsuda appeared on stage in summer like yukata.

In the talk show they started talking about how the reactions were from the viewers and points specially devised in making the work from the producer side, commitments devoted to this work to depict robots (I machine) to move lively using CG animation was told enthusiastically. Mr. Okitsu who voiced as Ido said “I was also surprised about Ido’s truth” as impressions after dubbing. I was able to imagine the fun the veterans and young voice actors had with dubbing in the studio.

In addition, after talking about scenes selected by staff, a sudden Blu-ray BOX advertising corner started. A ‘ID-0 “Drilling” confrontation’ challenge where the two voice actors appealed on the release of Blu-ray BOX on 29th August with enthusiasm with the dialogue as characters in 30 seconds was held. Whether the 30 seconds was too short both Ms. Tsuda and Mr. Okitsu was not able to advertise until the end and was time-outed. The result was left to the judge and Ms. Tsuda won. Mr. Okitsu demonstrated a famous line of “Congratulations humanity!” towards the camera as a punishment game for losing. The applause erupted from the audiences at the venue
In the end, there was a surprise announcement of a shooting game “Space Excavators” created by Chief Producer Mr. Hirasawa as a theme based on this animation, and the writer was surprised by this.
Somewhat feeling nostalgic of Side scroll shooting using dot picture depiction “Space Excavators” was pre-sold at the Good Smile Company booth during Comic Market 92 in August, so those who care are interested please check.

In this way all the talks and projects was finished and the “ID-0” talk show stage closed the curtain.
Keep an eye on the media development of “ID-0” in the future.

(Article: Omotenashi Student Executive Committee Team Tokyo Staff)

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