Cosplayer Interview: HIRO

How do cosplayers from all over the world meet and how do they enjoy cosplay? We spoke with a cosplayer who entered our editorial department.
This time we are glad to introduce HIRO from Japan

▼ Name
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▼ Cos name and Self-introduction

Hello Everyone
My name is HIRO
And I use to do cosplay around Kansai Area (Japan)

▼ Tell us how did you started your cosplay activity and which was your first cosplay ever?

I started cosplay on Halloween, I cosplayed Vegeta from Dragon ball, and from that moment I became addicted to cosplay.

▼ What is the most impressive thing that you learned since you started cosplay?

I learned about the love from cosplayers to the characters, their feelings, how to make clothes, how to make up, etc.

When you finish a cosplay and you look in the mirror and see how your favorite character has left the world of anime to come the real world. It is impressive, it impacts a lot!

▼ How do you decide which character you want to cosplay?

First of all, if the character is which I like the most!
Later I check if it fits the shape of my body and face
Then, the difficulty, if I could make that cosplay or not with my knowledge.
I decide while I think about all that.

▼ Tell us what obsesses you when you make the costumes and pose in the photos.

I’m especially obsessed with fabrics and sizes.
About posing, I always try to get the image I have in my head.

▼ Without and with cosplay

▼ What is your favorite serie? (Tell us your passion for your favorite character)
Edward Newgate from One PieceAs soon as He appeared in the anime I felt in love with him.
In marine ford He is a god.

▼ What is the happiest thing that happened to you since you are doing cosplay?

I have had the pleasure of meeting many cosplayers.
And my friends told me they want to do cosplay with me.

▼ What is the saddest thing that happened to you since you are doing cosplay?

There are some people who criticize and I think they are stupid.
But I don’t really care. (laught)

▼ Please tell us what you would like to do in the future through cosplay, your dreams and aspirations.

My dream is that everyone who attends the cosplay event and who organizes it enjoy.
The image of cosplay in the industry is still not so good, and I would like to be able to change that.

▼ If you have something else to add

Cosplay was born in Japan and I think it’s wonderful that it has become a common culture in the world, I think we should spread it to more people, so let’s make it even more exciting.

I would like to connect with everyone in the world, Thank you so much for reading

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