Fuyucos 2018 〜 WINTER COSPLAY in NAGOYA PORT〜 Report

In December 2018 World Cosplay Summit has held its very first winter event, called “Fuyu Cos”.
Here is our report at the venue, where cosplayers could enjoy taking photos around Nagoya Port as well as living the winter atmosphere through the town illuminations.

“Fuyu Cos” Official report by Bu-chan

Event details :
■Event : “Fuyu Cos” in NAGOYA PORT
■Date : 2018.12.22 (Sat)
■Event hours :
【Photo sessions】12:00~20:00
【DJ Anisong performance】17:00~20:00

▼Lighting formula

On 22 December 2018, Winter event called “Fuyu Cos” was held at the Port of Nagoya in Aichi prefecture.
On the occasion of a three days long weekend in Japan,
Three events were held on each day to bring some animation and gather people at the Port :
. Cosplay event
. Zombie event
. Fireworks event

There are various places around the area of Nagoya Port, such as an aquarium, an amusement park, an observatory, a wharf and a large park that make an attractive diversity of sceneries, with some of these locations becoming colorful in the evening with the beautiful lights of Christmas illuminations.
Even if some rain fell in the morning of the cosplay event, it didn’t put off the visitors who were using puddles as mirrors when taking pictures.
In the sunny afternoon cosplayers and photographers spontaneously gathered at the Fuji Square, taking pictures in the sunset reflecting on the sea and the Port.

At night the enchantingly illuminated Christmas Tower and the amusement park (especially with the Ferris wheel and the merry-go-round) were very popular
There were many cosplays of Fate/Grand Order represented among the cosplayers, as well as characters from the new rising in popularity Hypnosis Mic, a lot of cosplayers using the Port scenery to fit the series theme.
Others cosplays such as THE IDOL M@STER or characters from various other series in Christmas outfits could be spotted all around the location.

On the photographers side, some of them seemed to have come especially to take night illuminations shoots.
Many people were also carrying very heavy photographic equipment, maybe thanks to the few equipment related restrictions at the venue.
The Anisong DJ event held outdoor also seemed to be very popular.
It was reported that more than 1000 cosplayers, as well as photographers and thousands of regular visitors have gathered around the Port area to enjoy the event.
Next “Fuyu Cos” isn’t decided yet, but as there is only a few events combining cosplay and Japanese fireworks many cosplayers and photographers wish for a second edition.

▼State of the venue

P.S : With the hashtag
#Fuyucos (or #冬コス in Japanese)
You can find many other pictures of the event !

Photos by Bu-chan
Text by Cosplayers.Global Editorial Team

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