World Cosplay Summit 2019 Taiwan Selections Event Report

On 2019.01.23 (Wed.), Taiwan selections for WCS 2019 representatives were held at “2019 Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival” (TICA).
“2019 Taipei International Comics & Animation Festival” (TICA) is an event holding an exhibition of manga and anime. Prestigious guests such as popular mangaka from both Japan and Taiwan, light novelists, illustrators and voice actors are invited every year at this subculture event. Those people were taking part in various stage performances, close to the display booths of exhibitors of various genres.

【Report on the event venue】

There was a lot of regular visitors cosplayed, gathering around the cosplay contest booth, as well as other booths featuring characters from popular anime and manga.

【Report on WCS Taiwan Representatives Selections】

Taiwan representatives for WCS 2019 is Team “Jīyā Zhànduì” from Kaohsiung in southwestern Taiwan , who cosplayed characters from Thunderbolt Fantasy ! Let’s meet in Nagoya next summer ! Congratulations !

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