TITF(Thai International Travel Fair) Event Report from WCS presents

Hello! I’m Kitamura, a WCS staff.

February 2019, World Cosplay Summit exhibited “24th Thai International Travel Fair”(TITF#24) in Bangkok, Thailand.
TITF is one of the largest international travel fair in Asia.
I will bring reports on TITF#24 and the Bangkok!

Departure from Centrair airport with Air Asia, to Don Mueang airport in Thailand.

The cabin was surprisingly wide, and there was also a TV.
But I couln’t turn on the screen…

The In-flight meal for international flights to Thailand.

Some magazines inside the plane.

Arrival at Don Muang Airport. It took about 7 hours from Centrair airport.

The queue at the taxi rank.
There is about 20 km from Don Muang Airport to Bangkok city.
It seems to cost around 1500~2000 JPY (around 13~18 USD) when taking the taxi.
1 JPY = 0,3 Baht (around 0.009 USD).
It costed me around 340 Baht (1200JPY / 10 USD).

It seems that some people have to pay through the nose in some cases (like 2000 Baht).
Although I couldn’t take a good shot, this is a signboard with Rena Nōnen (Non).
I don’t know what is written on it, but I guess this is an ad for some kind of cosmetics ?

The hotel I stayed at was about 1 km away form the event venue, around 15 minutes walking. It only one station away by train. Although it was very close, I get sweaty when I walk so I went by the train.
I bought a Jasmine Tea at the Family Mart in the station building.

It seems that temperatures are getting higher around this period, and surprisingly in Thailand the heat peak seems to be in April.
I asked the staff about July and August, and they told me that because of the rainy season it is rather the humidity that is terrible during this period. They also said that they disliked this season the most !

Entrance of the venue. This building seems to be a memorial hall in the name of Thai Queen.

Entrance of the event area. The king and members of the royal family are represented on those paintings.

This board shows the sponsors and travel fairs exhibitors.
It seems that the top sponsor is a communication company.

Report on the exhibition area :
Several halls about the size of Aichi gymnasium were connected, and the exhibition booths were separated by categories in each hall.


WCS booth was located in the central area of Japan within the PR area.

This is how the Centrair x WCS collaboration booth looked like.
This is Joom, the cosplayer who helped us during weekdays !
She was wearing a cosplay of Goto Toshiro from Touken Ranbu for Friday !

On the first day (Wednesday) she cosplayed a character from Kingdom Hearts ! She brought a lot of different cosplays everyday !

There was a campaign to get a clear file of WCS or a pen of Centrair as a prize for filling a questionnaire
Questions :
What is your favorite anime ? What does Nagoya represents for you ? There was also a free comment space so we were really impatient to read eveyone’s comments !

By the way, it seems that about 150 people filled the questionnaire on Wednesday and Thursday. Thai visitors felt more positive about the survey, compared to the questionnaire we had last year’s Autumn in Taiwan.

Besides Joom, there were two other interpreters who helped us to present WCS to the visitors. Their explainations were very detailed and it felt really encouraging !

This is an area with booths where it seemed that you could directly book your travel !

There was travel companies from Japan as well as local tours companies.
There was a lot of people queuing and asking questions to the staff, having touristic tours suggested, and who were making reservations on the spot ! This way of booking is far more direct than the Japanese usual procedure !

Not only major companies, but also many small tour coordinators from the local market were exhibiting in another area.
In particular those booths were gathering small tour business providing niche kind of tourism, who were giving detailed explainations. Their tables packed with pamphlets !
Looking at this I was telling Uno that it would be nice if those local company dealing with such niche tours were interested in WCS, and were able to organize a kind of Championship viewing tour !

There was a presentation stage installed on the flow path between all the areas.
WCS was sheduled to go on stage for 5min on Sunday !

Because it was a weekday morning, there were not many guests yet.
I also tried local music instruments after this !

This area was packed with shop booths.

It seemed that the travel goods and daily necessities were sold out in only an instant. This is the area that had the most “local” feeling in the whole venue.

The venue cafeteria :
They had a payment system with a charge card.
Because there was still three days left, I decided to put about 500 Baht (2000 JPY) to start, and it seemed to be more than enough.

This is Cola-Cola local brand, EST Cola.
In retrospect, it reminded me that the posters I saw at the Thai restaurant “Higashisakura Pakuchi” near WCS office in Nagoya were probably displaying ads for EST Cola !
It costed 30 Baht (around 120 JPY).
It seemed that the prices at the cafeteria were higher then at local restarants.
For example a juice at the konbini will cost around 15~20 Baht.

By the way this is a Bana-ju (banana milk juice) that I bought at the Seven Eleven.
It costed around 20 Baht.

Because I can’t read Thai, I had no idea of what was written on the cafeteria menu boards so I had no choice but to decide upon the pictures of the meals.
But I has really grateful that they had pictures ! Because there was no English menu it would have been problematic if the menu wasn’t illustrated.

Kitchen :
The meals appearance had a strong feeling of “Spirited Away” !

1st order : meal with meat and sweet-spicy sauce. Delicious. Probably chicken.
They used a lot of the pepper seeds that WCS staff Mori dislikes !

2nd order : another sweet-sicy thing. Delicious too. Perhaps pork ? With vegetables, dried noodles and ankake. As Thailand is a Buddhist country it seems that they often use pork. The noodles were crispy.
One meal at the cafeteria was around 40~60 Baht.
That being said, there were only a few meals having a lot of coriander. Japanese tend to associate Thai cuisine with coriander, but it seems that it is not that true !

After a long 10:00~21:00 day, Friday ended !
Let’s continue tomorrow !

After the night, Saturday started.

People were twice as many the number of visitors for the previous day, and were quite in a rush.

For the weekend I met with the two Thai Representatives of WCS2018, Katto and Jasper.
They were cosplayed as Naruto and Katsushika Hokusai from FGO.

On the right is Mr. Nakamura from Centrair,
His transfer period from Nagoya to Centrair is about to end, and he said that he will go back to Nagoya in April and will be working as a member of the Tourism Division.

During a photo session with the visitors.

During a photo session with the visitors.
Even for a non-cosplay related event, as expected from WCS Representatives the quality of their costumes and the level of their performance were top-class. And both of them were pretty popular.
A lot of customers wanted to take pictures with them, and many of them were older ladies.
And even if I can’t show them, a lot of older men too were asking to take pictures as well !

This is the big paintbrush of Jasper cosplay of Hokusai.
It makes a very nice combination with WCS poster in the back !

On that day I ate at the cafeteria as well,
I ordered green curry and Ga Prao rice.
I was still pretty curious about Thai cusiine, but the seasoning and the taste weren’t so different rom what I have experinced in Japan.

Even if there was still one day left, there were so many visitors that we had almost ran off flyers at the end of the day.
From an initial amount of 600 copies, we had only between 50 and 100 pamphlets left on Saturday evening !

And without realizing we were already the last day of the fair.


I went to the venue walking on this day.
There were some tuktuk as well around.

Looks like some Banksy work ! @Bangkok

Sunday was also very crowded.
There were only 10 sets of clear-files and pens left by 14:00
And we were slowly distributing the rest of the flyers during the afternoon.

Red curry and green curry…
But gree curry was better.

And it was stage time !

The two Thailand Representatives practicing their talk.
The performance lasted about 5 minutes and was articulated like a runaway then a short presentation of Nagoya and WCS.

It was their first time going on stage to speak in front of an audience so they were very nervous !

This was the timetable of the stage performances for the five whole days of the fair.
The way the check marks on the timetable were separated for each performance and written in red only for Sunday transmitted a strong “Only today and it will finally be over !” feeling from the staff !

This was the timetable of the stage performances for the five whole days of the fair.

At the beginning the two Representatives shown their cosplays….

Then they briliantly summed up WCS presentation in a 5 five minutes talk, even if it was their first time doing it.
They really did a good job keeping the audience attentive during the whole performance !

And they were very popular after the stage performance too !

I am very grateful to both of them for welcoming the visitors with their cheerfulness until the end !
Even if going to Japan as Representatives of their country made them well-known in the cosplay community, we indeed had the feeling that Thai locals are not familiar with them and cosplay in general yet.

But it seemed that both of them were happy to get the opportunity to be invited to an event not related to cosplay and do a stage performance.

If at WCS we succeed at increasing our involvement with local activities and events that rely on each country organizers, I have the feeling that the whole alumni community will become more lively !

We were done with the flyers distribution around 18:00.

Follow me!